Q: When is payment for our rental due?                                                                          

A: Payment is due at the time of pickup.


Q: Are you able to come to our set and help put things in the correct place?                  

A: Yes! But the service provided comes with an associated fee. 


Q: Is there a minimum rental period?                                                                                

A: Yes, there is a minimum rental period of 1 week (5 business days) for each piece of equipment.


Q: Is there a minimum number of item rentals that is required?                                        

A: No! Feel free to rent as many, or as few items as are available.


Q: Can items be held/reserved?                                                                                      

A: Yes, please just make sure to give advanced notice so we can assure availability of the item in question, a deposit may be required depending on size of the rental.


Q: Are all of your photos accurate?                                                              

A: Yes, everything displayed on our website is up to date with our warehouse. 


Q: Once rented, can your equipment be modified to suit the set we need it on?            

A: Yes, however the equipment is expected to come back to us in the same condition we rented it in. If the machine is damaged upon return, please be aware that additional charges may be incurred.


Q: If we happen to return a rental later than stated in the rental agreement, what happens?

A: You will be charged for any extra time extending through the original rental agreement. (charges are subject to change based on demand for the item in question.)


Q: How do I create a time to meet with you and come in to your warehouse?                

A: Please visit our Contact Us page, you can make an appointment via email or phone.


Q: What do I do if the equipment that was rented to me is not quite right, or I can't get it to function properly?

A: Please call us, or email us (all the information is available on our Contact Us page) Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We will do our best to respond within a business day.